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September 9, 2022

Single Storey Vs. Double Storey: Which One Is Good For You?

It can be a moment of confusion for homebuyers when they have to decide between a single-storey home and a double-storey home. Even though it seems a simple decision when you are thinking about custom homes, one has to make it considering the future needs. If you’re one of them and feel confused amid the single storey vs. double-story debate, you can read this blog. Here we focus on the pros and cons of both the structures and the things you have to consider while deciding.

Pros And Cons Of A Single-Storey House

When you build a single-storey house, it will ensure two key benefits – expense and practicality. 

  • First of all, it will be less costly because everything in the residence will be contained on one level. According to House Renovators Perth, you can save ample money and time when you decide to make your house single-storey because it is cheaper, and the project will take less time to complete. 
  • Another key fact about a single-storey home is that you will find it easier to control its climate.

Single-storey buildings also prove to be beneficial for children and older people. The reason is that it involves almost no stairs, which can be dangerous for children, particularly infants and toddlers. Older residents also may not be able to climb. It means a single-storey home will allow you to spend more time with your family. Now come the downsides of a single-storey home. 

  • Firstly, they do not have as much area as the two-floor house offer, which does not suit a growing family. 
  • You may also have to sacrifice some garden area while constructing the single-storey building. That is why before you start your construction project, you should check the regulations of the local council to see how much space can be left free.

Pros And Cons Of A Double-Storey House

The most significant benefit a double-storey building offers is the availability of space. You will have space to build enough bedrooms, outdoor rooms, living areas, and study rooms. It also means that you will have the opportunity to leave as much space as possible in the back or front yards. For the same reason, you will get more freedom in the renovation or home extensions Perth of your design layout. 

Two other benefits, as pointed out by experts, are as follows.

  • When you have a two-floor house, you can build all the bedrooms on the first floor while having living areas on the ground floor. It will allow you to enjoy more privacy compared to a single-storey house.
  • Although the cost of constructing a double-storey building is higher than a single-storey one, you can reduce the expenses by purchasing a smaller and less expensive site. 

However, the availability of huge space is also the reason behind the key disadvantages. 

  • More space means more interior and exterior areas you have to keep clean. Before starting construction, you have to keep in mind the time and energy factors you will need for cleaning. Cleaning can be a headache, especially for areas like top-storey windows and gutters, as they are difficult to reach.
  • There will also be extra rooms to heat and cool. It is indeed difficult to regulate the home temperature in the case of a double-storey building, and thus the power bills can be high. As natural lighting and airflow will not be the same in all the corners, you will have to bear substantial expenses to keep your home energy-efficient.

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Factors To Consider When You Make The Decision

As it will be an investment for the long term, several factors should be considered while making the final decision. 

Family needs and lifestyle

You will live with your family in a large house, and not alone. So, while making the final decision, you have to consider the needs of your family members and how you can spend time together. 

  • We have already stated that staircases pose dangers to toddlers and older people. Going for a double-storey building may not be a good idea for a family with little children, older individuals, or both.
  • In contrast, if your family is large and you have to maintain your privacy, you need a separate area. In that case, a two-floor residence will best suit your needs. 

According to custom home builders, individuals in their late 30s or early 40s usually prefer two-floored designs.

The layout of the home

Next, you have to consider the layout you want to achieve. If you prefer a more open space where a large living area will open out onto a beautifully maintained garden, you should go for a large single-storey floor plan.

  • On the other hand, double-storey buildings can offer more flexibility in terms of layout, as you will have more area for separated zones. Most double-storey homeowners choose the traditional layout of bedrooms upstairs with living rooms on the ground floor as it helps them maintain the privacy of their daily busy life.
  • If you have older children, you can also choose to have a double-storey room.

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Area and the neighbors

If you are a starter, you will need to obtain approvals from the council first. Council requirements may involve keeping the neighbors happy to reduce objections. As per experienced boutique builders Perth, people planning single-storey homes can easily secure this approval as a single-storey building does not usually involve an issue related to overshadowing.

Before the construction starts, do not forget to check the size and style of the surrounding buildings. From that inspiration, you will know what style the local authority will accept. For example, if the surrounding buildings are double-storey, there is less chance of objection.


Finally, you have to consider the budget constraint. We have already mentioned that a single-storey house construction will be less expensive. However, in Australia, double-storey buildings can be built on plots as small as 250 sqm, which may allow you to save on land costs.

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