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May 18, 2022

7 Things To Consider When Designing A Modern Home In 2022

Building your own house will be an exciting experience for you. You can select what you want, design the layout, and decide how it will look. However, as the owner of your house, you will need to be careful about the design from the very beginning, which can indeed be pretty stressful. That is why we have made this blog to discuss seven important things to consider when designing a house. Using them will ensure the perfect home you want for your family. You can also hire bespoke builders Perth if you want to work on modern house designs in Australia according to your needs and ideas.

Keep In Mind The Importance Of A Study Room

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the working scenario has changed a lot in the employment sector. A large population of people worldwide had to switch to work-from-home either on a part-time or a full-time basis. As revealed by experts, this situation is not expected to change in a few years. It means you must have sufficient space in your house where you can work just like an office. 

  1. That is why including a designated space for study has become crucial in new construction or major home renovations because little space near your kitchen will not give privacy to attend a webinar or online meeting. 
  2. Ensure the area you select for study and office work must have enough space to accommodate two screens.

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Make Sure Your House Captures The Natural Light

Most property owners want their houses to be north to northeast-facing. It ensures natural light comes into the interiors for most of the day, making the house brighter. Our Boutique builders Perth are enough experts to implement any type of customer needs of a home building.

  • However, it does not mean windows not facing north are a complete loss of money. The application of lighter colors on the interior and smart placements of windows, and skylights can create an illusion of brighter and lighter spaces. 
  • It will be better to avoid placing large west-facing windows because a hot summer afternoon can be unbearable. It will, in turn, affect your house rating on the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), and you may have to bear large expenses. 

Always Plan Decent-Sized Bedrooms

There is a common belief that a house with more bedrooms is worth more. But it is not always true, and sometimes, a house with three bedrooms can be given more importance by the buyers than a four-bedroom house. The reason is that, when you have three bedrooms, each room will be more spacious. On the other hand, the bedrooms of a four-bedroom house can be significantly small that may only fit a table and a bed.

  1. As observed by experienced custom home builders, designing a modern home involve smaller bedrooms. To give your bedroom more space, you may reduce the size of an overly large living room.
  2. When you measure your bedroom, the built-in wardrobe must not be considered a part of the floor area. Many house renovators perth may give you estimated bedroom measurements that include that built-in area, which means a reduction in the physical floor space. 
  3. You should be careful about that, and while looking at the floor plan, it will be better to include a 600 to 800mm wide space for the wardrobe.

Without the built-ins, the area of a decent bedroom should be a minimum of 3.5mx3.5m.

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You Must Avoid Dead Space

Making the dining and living areas too spacious is also not preferable. In that case, furniture placement may look pretty awkward, which will be a sign of inefficient modern Australian house designs. 

Instead, you have to think about how efficiently you can use that space. It will be good to ask yourself whether you can do what you need to in that place if the area is a little smaller. If you think you can, you must think about several length and width measurements and always keep in mind furniture placement. You should also think of utilizing the window placement to allow for natural light.

Go For Designing A Modern Home

Valuable tips for building a house that top custom home builders Perth share with their clients is that owners should not follow the home building trends 2022 too deeply because today’s trending style may not be a top trend tomorrow. The buyers may not be interested in investing. 

  • You must remember that the architectural and interior design trends you love may not be liked by your buyers when you plan to sell your house. That is why going for a classic, neutral and traditional look is recommended. 
  • It will help you retain the home’s value and increase the market appeal. Instead of experimenting with color schemes and textures, you can do it with the furniture, cushions, artwork, rugs, and light fittings because you can easily change these things as per your demands.

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Consider The Current And Future Family Needs

Many homeowners make one key mistake when Designing A Modern Home is that they plan according to current needs only. 

For example, you may have a young family with 3 kids at present. But, one day, kids will grow up and may move out to make their own lives. Think about how the house will work when this situation finally arrives. Besides that, you must also consider whether there is any chance that your elderly parents plan to come to stay with you. Before finalizing the design for your custom homes, decide whether you require a single-storey or double-storey house.

So, if you want to live in a house for the long term, you have to incorporate design features that can be adapted in the coming years.

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Think About Your Wish List

You are planning for your new home designs, and so, you will want everything according to your plan. There may be plenty of things going on in your mind, and it can be challenging to remember all of them. Make a complete wish list. Once the list is prepared, you can now look at the inclusions that you think for Designing A Modern Home requirements and budget.

Taking this approach will help you know exactly what can be achieved and what you cannot. You may want a fire pit, a swimming pool, and a space for entertainment. But for that, you will need enough space and proper planning.

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