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May 18, 2022

Best Second Storey Extension Ideas Australia In 2023

Are you looking for Second Storey Extension Ideas Australia in 2023? A second-storey extension provides the homeowner with a more open floor plan and a more usable living area. Not only that, but it also accommodates the needs of a growing family. So, if you are planning for a second-storey addition, it will be a brilliant idea to execute with a custom home builders perth.

Is it worth putting on a second storey?

One mistake homeowners make is to not include larger windows in the renovation procedure. Smart placements of windows and doors impact the look of the home and influence the final renovation result. A double-story house renovation Perth project may add great value to your house or lead to a significant waste of money and time, depending on how well you can execute your plans.

This blog discusses several key second-story extension ideas for homes. It can be highly beneficial if you are in the early stages of planning.

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Choose Windows That Will Improve The Appearance Of Both The Interior And The Exterior

Once you start planning a second-storey renovation project, it is important to consider the space to place the window. If the rooms have tall ceilings, placing a tall, narrow window or a series of clerestory windows will be ideal. It will not only perfect the view but also increase internal light.

While planning, you also have to think about the extra room that has no windows. After that, you have to consider which windows can be appropriate if placed correctly. For a better result, you must discuss with your designer who can help you choose a style based on both room features and the exterior architectural character of the home. 

It can be easily figured out whether you will need a small window with a creative look or a large picture framing window when you have this information. Windows are usually not obstructed on an upper level, so it will be important to put special focus on achieving the best value for design and function.

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Think Whether You Need Small Windows, Large Windows, Or A Combination Of The Two

If you plan to have additional living spaces and bedrooms upstairs, you may think of having large glass-covered areas that can benefit from increased daylight, good orientation, heat gain, and view. 

On the other hand, small windows serve specific functional purposes. For example, if a bedroom upstairs faces west and looks down on neighbouring properties, you can consider high and small windows. Besides maintaining privacy, you will also reduce the chance of higher heat gain.

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Consider Windows That Allow Plenty Of Natural Light

Many older houses have been constructed without allowing sufficient natural light into the interiors. It means you have to switch your inside lights on even when it’s bright and sunny outside with the help of bespoke builders Perth.

Several factors impact the amount of daylight in a room. So, whenever you think about Second Storey Extension Ideas Australia, you have to do it so that the window placement and second-storey extension floor plans increase orientation. Here we discuss some tips that you should look at when discussing plans with your architect. 

  • Make sure the main windows are north-facing. In addition to providing the best light, such placement also ensures protection from excessive heat in the summer as well as a significant amount of solar heat gain in the winter.
  • Next, you must use the correct window shape to enjoy the best light distribution in each room. While tall and narrow windows ensure a thin light distribution, horizontal windows will make the room brighter.
  • If you place the windows higher up on the wall, it will increase the depth of light in the room. On the other hand, windows placed closer to the ceiling result in more sky visibility and increased light transmission. You can also choose to have floor-to-ceiling windows if you want your room to look bigger.
  • For a better spreading of light, you can consider placing windows on multiple walls, if possible.
  • Last but not least, you must consider internal finishes like window treatments, window frames, and ceiling colour finishes.

Figure Out How You Can Create Natural Ventilation And Comfort

A few window types can create a more specific look and serve various functions. One popular choice to enjoy cross ventilation is Louvre windows, as they allow natural airflow throughout the entire house. So, if you want a light-filled space while enjoying an unrestricted soft breeze in the summer, you can choose Louvers.

Unfortunately, window location and size are sometimes not considered vital during design planning. However, these two aspects can create a comfortable living space for the residents.

Once you select the type of window, you have to think about its placement to ensure natural ventilation throughout your house. It will not be a better idea to place the windows high up the wall because, as we have pointed out earlier, it will create an airflow along with the ceiling. Such uneven distribution of air will make you feel uncomfortable during the summer.

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What Do You Want – A Beautiful View Of The Surroundings Or More Privacy?

Lastly, you have to ask this question yourself. If your answer is a picturesque view, you also have to take the window factor seriously because it brings in more solar control and natural light. For a fantastic view, you have to determine the window placement and size according to the nature of the room. Moreover, you must check how you can best avoid any obstructions.

Depending on the design of your two-storey extension ideas in Australia, you can scale the proportions of your windows according to the view and how you place them. For example, if you plan to add a second living area that is north-facing, it will be vital to consider placing a horizontal window that will give a stunning panoramic view. North-facing rooms will also help you feel comfortable. On the other hand, if you want to prefer privacy, you can choose small windows that allow plenty of light.

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How A Boutique Builders Perth Can Help You?

If you want to contact an experienced architect, get in touch with Boda Builders to know the cheapest way to build second-storey additions. Our boutique builders Perth can give a detailed description of your 2nd-storey extension ideas, and they can give you an estimated budget.

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