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February 28, 2023

Is Building A Custom Home Worth It?

If you are moving locations or shifting places due to work requirements, searching for an existing home to buy or building a custom home can take a lot of time and mental energy. The location, price, property taxes, market funds, trends, and other conditions, are all burdens in a house hunt. Other than that, there are several needs and wants a buyer has to include in searching for a perfect home that makes the tasks more hectic and complicated.

While the buying process involves several crucial choices, the first confusion remains: whether you should buy an existing home or build a custom one. There are respective advantages and disadvantages to both choices. In this article, we will disclose everything you must know about taking advantage of bespoke builders Perth to build your custom home without spending carelessly. But let’s first focus on the good and bad of buying an existing home.

Potential benefits of buying a home!

The only potential benefits of buying a home in Perth are the cost and convenience. All you have to do is get pre-approved by a lender, and you can look around to shop and make a deal. Suppose you visit a qualified real estate agent here. In that case, she will even help you find suitable properties by guiding you through negotiation and paperwork to make your process fast and worry-free.

Buying an existing home can be as convenient as that. You make an offer, get accepted, and sign the deal. The remaining task left with you is to move in after a month or two of closing the deal. There are still several steps involved in the process, such as managing finance, performing home inspections, disclosing offers, and closing the deal. Buying an existing home still seems faster to many people than choosing land, hiring custom home builders in Perth, and building their bespoke houses.

Who can benefit from buying an existing home?

existing home

1. People with a tight schedule

People who have a very tight schedule and need to shift places due to their work requirements can find it very difficult and time-consuming to search for land, hire boutique home builders Perth, manage finances, configure the house maps, and have a Bespoke house for their family after waiting some months. And that is why buying an existing home is a good idea for such people.

2. Low prices

Another factor involves the cost. There are some places where buying an existing home is cheaper than building a custom one. The people moving to such sites can save a lot by buying an already-built home.

3. Convenient location

People with specific requirements for locations and neighborhoods closer to their workplaces, schools, and families can benefit from buying an existing home. Most of the land closer to cities has already been developed, so purchasing an existing home is a good option if you want to live closer to the town. However, you can hire Renovation Builders Perth for a quick, personalized makeover.

The downside of buying an existing home

Where it is convenient, fast, and comparatively easy to buy an existing home, the most significant disadvantage is that you do not get the elements in your house exactly as you would want. You may have to reduce your expectations while searching for an existing home, as there will always be one or more things you will not like.

Buying older homes can also mean that you will have limited value as it might not meet the needs of a modern lifestyle. This can mean that a beautiful four-bedroom house can have a kitchen too small or have no windows in the primary bedroom, or maybe there is only one bathroom for the entire home, degrading its value enough.

Unless you find a home that needs every single of your requirements, you will be spending a lot of money on home renovators in Perth for additional remodeling, decorating, landscaping, and repairs, all of which add up to cost equal to or even more than having bespoke builders working on your full-functional custom home.

Now let’s look at the advantages of building bespoke homes in Perth and learn about the design, cost, building procedures, and trends you can follow efficiently.

Why should you build a custom home?

Undoubtedly building bespoke houses in Perth does not give you the same convenience of time and (in some conditions) money. Still, it can provide you with various options to have your dream home the way you want. It involves several hefty tasks, including finding land that might or might not be in your desired neighborhood, hiring a bespoke home builder in Perth, finding an architect, and personalizing every element of the building. However, the joy you can get from seeing every single process in a streamlined manner from the beginning to the very end can be satisfactory enough to leave all those worries behind.

The most significant advantage of having a team of Perth custom home builders working on your land is that you will get precisely what you want. Other than that, when you are building a new home in the modern world, there are various modern elements that you can fit into your home, such as advanced heating, cooling, and ventilation systems that meet every new code. That is how you are not only upscaling yourself with efficiency but also contributing towards a better environment.

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Advantages of building a Bespoke home

bespoke home

1. A perfect floor plan

As mentioned above, the most significant advantage of building a custom home is a floor plan that fulfills all your requirements, from having no dining room to a big kitchen, an enormous closet for fitting your shoe collection, or a pet playroom. With the right bespoke home services, you can design the elements in your house to improve your family’s efficiency and productivity and fit your lifestyle. You can effectively translate your vision into reality when building a custom home.

2. Personalized modifications

No matter how big or small the land you’re building your custom home is, you can choose every feature when creating a floor plan. You can add your personal touch and elevate the space as you want. You will learn to be creative and have your home reflect your personality by working with bespoke home builders.

3. Fast and efficient housing

Technology is evolving every day, with intelligent systems hitting the market to improve the usability and security of your home. Building bespoke homes allow you to include every innovation and hi-tech advancement in your construction to get the best out of it. From bright shower heads to improved security locks, Multi-room audio to waterproof and durable floors, you can include as many innovations as you want to add up the market value and curb appeal of your house.

4. More reliability

As older homes encounter daily wear and tear, Bespoke custom homes will save you from spending on the daily repairing process and its added burden. Almost all of the equipment in your custom-built house is covered by warranties, so you won’t have to worry about repairs or maintenance.

5. Energy-efficient

As technology advances, new products will be available that will be energy efficient to the environment, as well as cost-effective for your monthly budget. Even if you build a place double the size of your existing living space, better usage of advanced technology can significantly reduce your new home’s utility cost.

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Is it worth building a custom home?

The time, cost, and effort that goes into building a custom home make people ask if it is worth creating a custom home. Building a custom home is worth it if you have the time to invest and require a home that fits your lifestyle. When you have chosen the right boutique builders in Perth, the professionals will take care of all the challenging aspects of the project and translate your vision into reality effectively.

Build or Buy a Home – From the Price Point

build or buy a home

The building or buying decision is not only about one-time personalization and creating a space that you can freely live in, but the cost holds the most significant decision-molding power. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra are some Australian cities where building a custom home is much cheaper than buying an existing one. But ask for the research made by several authentic organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can you design a custom home?

Custom houses are built on the personalized choices and demands of the customers to fulfill their lifestyle requirements. That is why it is usually a complex but more fruitful process than choosing an already existing plan. Qualified Perth custom home builders will help you draft a project at the beginning of the process in a workable manner that can be entirely satisfactory. The builders will bring their architects or draftsman to help you out in the designing process after inspecting the site and discussing the design brief.

The plan will be fully functional after considering every possible restriction and regulation on the piece of land and taking it to the next level. Combining all your ideas and visions into the concept, the architect will help create a floor plan with drawings of how the house will turn out after incorporating your ideas. It is a good idea to bring pictures of places or cutouts of designs and elements you want to include in your own house to discuss with the architect and designers.

Several meetings will be required for the refinement and precession of the work to include every technical detail and work out all the appropriate fittings, materials, appliances, and techniques to be used in your custom Perth house renovation.

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Q2. How long can custom home building take?

To create a custom home that allows homeowners to practice their lifestyle freely, every single idea of the homeowner must be incorporated into the design. Depending on how big or small your project is, every project varies in its timeline. From council approval to building permit fee designing, starting the construction project to adding the final touch-ups, all of it requires real-time. Many factors can hinder and delay the project. These factors include weather conditions, unexpected disasters, long wait times for the available tea of traders and materials, etc.

Proper management and planning can decrease the lightly heard of occurring any significant issues that can create delays and increase the timeline.

Q3. What are the steps involved in building a custom home?

From planning permits to council approvals, surveying, and gaining access to the building, this work must be completed before construction begins.
Planning permit. It needs to be applied before you do anything. It is a process of seeking approval from the local government on your custom home-building program. The councils have rules you must know before applying for a planning permit.

Council approval.

After submitting your application, the council will approve or reject you. They will ask for more information regarding the external bodies, and a minute is on where you are planning to build a house, after which they will make their judgment. It can take weeks or sometimes even months to get approved or rejected by the commission.


Once you approve, a land surveyor will create an accurate property report before any construction work begins.

Building permit.

Local councils issue building permits after inspecting your property for compliance and granting you permission to begin construction.

Q4. Spend or splurge? Where?

The kitchen, bathrooms, windows, floorings, and landscaping are some of the essential elements in your house that you must get the most out of, and therefore, it is okay to save some extra bits of money to create the perfect ambiance. However, you can cut corners by avoiding additional compounds that add no value to your house and instead make it more complex and non-functional.

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Whether you begin your home search to find an existing home or build your custom home just as you want, the time and money investment can overwhelm you. In either case, you need to seek professional help from custom home builders to work alongside who can help you make the process easygoing and manageable.

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