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September 20, 2022

Why Free Standing Office Partitions Are Becoming Popular

Are you looking for an installation of free standing office partitions? Before going to decide anything just read this blog to decide whether it is worth it or not. This blog provides a complete solution and will be helpful in take a wise decision.

An office is a place where employees spend their maximum time and hence a lot of effort is given to interior design. For any office, a specific open area is taken on lease or at times the whole area is bought by the owner. But, in most cases, it is an open area that needs to be designed according to the requirements.

It is not always possible to build permanent rooms and here comes the importance of modern office partitions. Free standing office partitions are very popular in this regard. Freestanding office partitions give a very modern look at any office premise. With the help of these partitions, the whole office area can be broken into specific areas intended for specific purposes. 

These office fit-outs in no way give a congested look but maintain a flow to space. This means employees can flow seamlessly between private workspaces, collaborative areas, and conference rooms and still maintain the decorum of the office.

For commercial fitouts in Perth, you can contact fitout company and give your office space a new modern look. In Perth commercial fitouts can be easily done at a very reasonable rate.

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Why Choose Free Standing Office Partitions Over Cubicles?

Before you start looking for a reputed fitout company in Perth, it is obvious to know why portable office screens are a better option as compared to individual cubicles.

Privacy issues

In office cubicle dividers, the walls are of short height, which means it affects one’s privacy. Everyone can see what a person inside a cubicle is doing and many times it creates disturbance and affect the flow of work. But with freestanding office partitions, employees do not feel that they are on display and can give their full concentration on their work. But this is something that can be avoided with office fit-outs. 

Makes the space chaotic

When open space is divided into cubicles, each and everyone can see each other. Moreover, when they need to communicate they start the conversation from their place. Sometimes, employees need to raise their voices so that the other person can hear them. This in turn affects the office environment and even other people feel disturbed. On the other hand, the free standing partition will help in keeping the office environment less chaotic. 

Office cubicle dividers are not for small spaces

Cubicles are fine if installed in larger areas, but they are not the best solution for limited or small areas. Generally, the height of office cubicle dividers is less and they do not cover the floor to the ceiling. Due to this reason, most employees need to work as well as handle distractions caused by others working around them. This ultimately affects the productivity of employees. Whereas with Portable office dividers you get to choose the height of screens, meaning you get to design the open space more formally. 

Cubicles are permanent

When using cubicles to design an office or retail area, you need to compromise on the flexibility part. In simple terms, it means you need to have a permanent design in mind and then go forward with cubicle installation. But if you want flexibility, it’s much smarter to go with workplace partitions, You get lots of design options and even renovation can be done from time to time as per your convenience and requirement. Office partitions also give you more storage space than cubicles do.

Cubicle Office Partition

There are many advantages to using workplace partitioning over cubicles. So, when choosing between office room divider and cubicles, think properly and then make a wise decision. Many reputed companies are dealing with commercial office fitouts Perth that offer quality products and excellent services. By contacting any reputed fitout company in Perth, you can easily give a modern touch to any open space.

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Stand-out Features of Freestanding Office Fit Outs

Portable office partitions are the best solution for those who are planning to give a modern and clean look to their office, retail area, classroom, or hospitality space.  In fact, in Australia more and more companies are interested in modern office fit-outs over permanent building works to add more functionality to a space. 

Here are some of the stand-out features of office room divider

Multiple uses

In Perth commercial fitouts are not just restricted to office spaces.  These stylish free standing office screens can be used for various purposes. You can use them to divide school classrooms, sports facilities, dining and entertainment facilities, religious centers, or retail areas. They can be used for endless purposes to give an existing open space a more practical and efficient look. 

Stimulates employees productivity

First of all office fit-outs stimulate the productivity of employees.  It has been found that isolated and closed cubicles affect the productivity of employees. Sometimes, employees even take advantage of closed spaces and neglect their work. On the other hand, open spaces help the employees to fight stress and they can even relax and chill during office hours. This in turn has a positive impact on the productivity of different employees.  

Add Flexibility to Any Space

Secondly, freestanding office partitions offer more flexibility in the workspace as compared to cubicles. This is especially true when the office space is small or limited. With workplace dividers, anyone can create more space and that too without compromising the privacy of the employees. 

Easy Installation

Another key benefit of office fit-outs is that they are easy to install and move around. With little creativity and help from an expert, you can design an office during weekends. Thus, there is no need to keep the office close for renovation. They can also be folded and stored in the corner or store cupboard when not in use. This is one of the main reasons why people are choosing portable office partitions to design modern office spaces. 


Moreover, freestanding office partitions come in different types and forms. Some of the common types include aluminum dividers and plywood dividers. clear glass partitions, desk-mounted partitions made of frosted glass, floor-to-ceiling glass dividers, and dividers with wheels to name a few. These commercial fitouts in Perth are also very reasonably priced. You can find in Perth commercial fitouts companies that offer quality products. You just need to contact them and they will be more than happy to offer you the best service. 

Does Freestanding Commercial Office Fitouts Cost Much?

Looking at the advantages of workplace dividers over cubicles and their stand-out features, you might have started looking for a fit-out company and ordered some office fit-outs. But before you start looking for companies dealing with commercial fitouts in Perth, you must have some idea regarding the cost of freestanding commercial office fitouts. 

On average, detached office partitions cost $1.50-$3.00 per square foot. The cost of office fit-outs depends on many things. However, the four key factors that affect the cost are: 

Material Selection:

The material you choose for workplace partition will affect the overall cost. Some of the various materials used for making office fit-outs are writeable whiteboard, vinyl, fabric, laminate, glass, and plywood to name a few.  

Hardware Choice:

Your hardware preference for Portable office dividers will also significantly impact the price. You can choose from divider walls for offices or sliding doors having a handle, knob, or pull option. The price will be a little higher if you want the door to be lockable or add a swipe card reader. 

Ceiling Height:

In Perth, commercial fitouts dealers offer a variety of options regarding ceiling height. The height of office fitouts will affect the overall cost. Taller freestanding office partitions will cost more as compared to one having shorted height.  

The complexity of Job Site and Installation:

When it comes to the cost of workplace partitions, you need to bear in mind the labor cost of installation. When the installation will be done by trained and certified professionals from a reputed fit-out company the cost will be a little higher. 

Contact different commercial fit outs in Perth and ask for their quotations. Check and compare the costing of different fit-out companies and choose one that suits your budget and requirement. 

Quick Tips about Free Standing Office Partitions

Well if you have made up your mind and thinking of going with the trend of free-standing partition screens to design your office or retail space, then it’s time for final preparation. Before contacting Perth commercial fitouts companies you need to have your doubts clear.

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Hire Bespoke Builders To Install Movable Commercial Fitouts In Perth!

Well, now that you are aware of the benefits of the office screen divider and have a clear idea about your requirements, you can contact BODA Builders. Being commercial fitout experts, at Perth Commercial Fitouts we try to understand the requirement of every customer. After a thorough understanding, we come up with the best solution. We are an expert when it comes to working with tight deadlines or in companies with heavy foot traffic.

We are highly rated as the best Custom Home Builders in Perth, meaning our customized solutions for free-standing office partitions have led to many satisfied customers. Our end-to-end solution means you do not have to worry about anything. We have a dedicated team of experts who will work in partitioning, painting, flooring, joinery, ceiling works, plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning. This ensures a complete solution without hiring anyone else from outside. 

Contact Perth Commercial Fitouts to get the best solution for any open space!

Checkout Some FAQs

There are several questions to ask yourself before you install Portable office partitions. Some of these questions are:

Why do you need free standing office partitions?

Before ordering office fit-outs, you must have a clear idea regarding why you want them. There can be several reasons like to give a modern touch to the open space, to enhance privacy, dampen sound, reduce distractions, improve the comfort level of employees or simply want to go with the trend.  Your requirements will help a lot in selecting the material and height of fit-outs. 

Are you looking for noise-controlling properties?

The size, shape, and material you choose for your free-standing office partitions can play a key role in controlling the flow of sound in your open space. For a bigger space with more people, it is recommended to go for soundproof office partition technology. Such technology will help in reducing reverberation and muffled sound.

Who will be operating the free-standing office partitions?

A clear answer to this particular question will help in deciding the style of the partition you should install. Some fit-outs are harder to operate than others. For instance, partition dividers made of heavy material or ceiling-mounted operable walls can be physically difficult to move around. So, you need to rule out these options if you need to frequently change the design of the room. 

How will you be using your partitions?

Knowing how you intend to use the free-standing fit-outs will again help in making the final decision regarding the material and style. For instance, going for a clear glass partition will be a bad idea if you are planning to hide a printing or storage area. In such a case, partitions made from fabric, frosted glass, or polycarbonate is a much better option to consider. 

Do you own the space or is it rented?

Having your own space and a rented one can make a huge difference when choosing the free-standing partition screen. If you own the space, spending on better material and quality is justifiable. But for a rented space you must have an idea regarding how much you can customize the office layout. In these situations, fixed or ceiling-mounted partitions solution are not at all a good idea. 

What’s your budget?

This is a really big question. It is your budget that will finally help in deciding the material and style of free-standing office partitions.  Portable partitions are the best option if you have a limited budget. There is no point in spending a fortune if your budget is low. There are many options to choose from and you simply need to make the right decision.

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